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Entry #3

Some news

2008-05-19 16:55:20 by mathiasnat

Hi, I just wanted to apologize to the people (if there is any) that are waiting for the new platform tut, I'm just waaay to lazy to finish it.

If you really want to see some thing new, check out these two artists:
this guy and this guy
they're my favourite artists on NG! (I think)
I'm making a new game whit Heliosstar again, it going to rock... I hope, and I think me and Abolesco are going to make an RPG in 3-4 weeks.

... I don't really know why I keep updating this "bolgg" thingy, I mean dose any one read it... well if you're reading this, please give me a comment.


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2008-07-07 13:56:16

fuck you that aint mah style at the forum


2008-12-08 15:49:28

Hey, how's programming coming along?


2009-02-18 06:26:05

it was like a year ago when you made the other platform tut lol.also please can you check out my flash,I mean i dont want to sound like a noob but im kinda bored
cheers(i hope)